About Us

16b7dfd11d97a7a8be3fd66b5e43ce99Gathering ScallionsOur mission is to make a keen and profitable group of youth and grown-ups from assorted foundations who cooperate to fabricate a reasonable sustenance framework. Our group produces solid nourishment for occupants of the city and rural areas, gives youth initiative open doors, and moves and backings others to make change in their own particular groups.

Every year, we work with more than 120 high schoolers and a large number of volunteers to cultivate on 70 sections of land in Lincoln, Beverly, Boston, and in Lynn, Mass. We become over a quarter-million pounds of nourishment without substance manures or pesticides and give a great many pounds of produce to neighborhood hunger alleviation associations. We offer the rest of our produce through group bolstered agribusiness (CSA) ranch shares and agriculturists’ business sectors. Locally, we elevate access to crisp, moderate produce by building raised-bed gardens for inhabitants and associations, offering garden-based instructive programming, and giving chances to individuals to utilize SNAP/EBT advantages to buy new nourishment.

The Food Project likewise fills in as an asset community for associations and people around the world. We give uniquecapacity working to associations and instructors who gain from The Food Project’s mastery through materials, youth preparing, and proficient improvement opportunities. Indeed, even tasks totally inconsequential to cultivating can draw on our strategies for building enlivened, different, and profitable youth groups.

The Food Project has been the subject of various examination papers, some of which we have possessed the capacity to make accessible on the web. We have additionally made and been the subject of various recordings accessible for your review. A short history of The Food Project clarifies how we got where we are today.